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LADCO leasing(www.ladco.com) and their partner in crime ELAVON Merchant services(www.elavon.com) are legal thieves.

My company was hooked in by ELAVON's promise of 24 hour account setup.

The LADCO lease page was viewed and questioned as to why is there a lease contract when we will not be getting any equipment as we are a phone and fax order company. We were told ELAVON that the lease page is just a formality as there will be no equipment. The LADCO page is just for the online merchant service license (like quickbooks online). That we understood. One week later this turned out to be FALSE! A big LIE! A package arrives with POS equipement. We contacted ELAVON and they said "YOU SIGNED THE PAPER". They told us to contact LADCO! LADCO says they only provide funds and have already paid ELAVON. LADCO says ELAVON provides the hardware. ELAVON says LADCO provides the hardware. They send you back and forth so you would give up. Well the POS products are still in their sealed packets. The Shipping box contained a letter stating, "at the end of the lease to make arrangements to return the product to LADCO leasing". If LADCO is just the "leasing" agency that fronts the money to purchase the equipment, then WHY is the equipment going back to them.

After further calls to LADCO it turns out the equipment is from them. In fact, what they ship may or may not be new. Their "Software package" is a windows application to utilize the magnetic strip card reader. Total package price $300.

We tried to return the package to LADCO 3 days after receiving it.

LADCO(www.ladco.com) wanted the FULL LEASE PAYMENT first before they would provide an RMA. Why would I pay for equipment I did not order, do not need and did not ask for. It is a SCAM of a company!!

I am fully ready for any class action participation.

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South Gate, California, United States #1273423

HY I call to return the equipment and I'm in the process,

the equipment wasn't working god and we lost time and customers patience for this problem, hope they understand and I will post the updates for this situation....


Post information on the internet.Try to find people who are victims like you.

Complain to Ventura Court in C.A. we did it before. LADCO end up was fine almost 0.5 mil.

It's stressful, but you can do that.


can any one tell me the CEO name and a RMA for Ladco. I am having issues with them as well.



Complain to Ventura court.Couple years ago, Ladco had a class action lawsuit.

They were fine over 450,000 . If you had enough people to complain, the Ventura court will consider. I went online and contact the victims like me. Our voices had heard.

Ladco lost the case.Good luck to you


I am currently fighting with them as well.their rep.

changed out my equipment for one that fit my phone lines. That equipment got taken by him and returned. They kept 2 accounts open and basically stole from me for almost a year. Double fees, double renting etc.

when I went to the AG office to ask what I could do, they expressed interest in helping. Just threatening with the AG office helped some but not the return of the equipment, which I unplugged and don't use. I am currently still trying to get them to cancel the lease and issue an RMA. They are very rude on the phone and I will go back to the AG office for more help.

I will prevail.Thanks for the other comments, it bolsters me to know others out there are being used.


PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS I DID.We made the foolish mistake of signing up with LADCO/ELAVON

to kh Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #653291

Are you interested in pursuing legal action against them?I am trying to organize a group put an end to these crooks.

Maybe together we can shut them down and get out of our fraudulent contracts.

I too signed up for a 48 month lease and have been charged extra, told we could cancel, but are now faced with a penalty to cancel.We closed our bank account to stop any more further withdrawals.


I wouldn't do business with these thieves ever again. Ladco blames Elavon and Elavon blames Ladco... they are partners in crime and thives is the exact word for them. I quit them three months ago and they're still stealing money from my bank account.

Bill Jarrett

Vandalia Tactical & Thunderbowl Lanes

to Bill Jarrett Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #653295

These people are not out to help, they are only interested in stealing your money. Do you want to get involved in legal action against them? It has been done before and hopefully we can do it again. Let's not let them get away with this criminal activity. I am trying to get in contact with Christine Mitchell who has won a class action lawsuit against them in 2009. Maybe she can help us out!

Tim Salo


Christine Mitchell

Senior Paralegal

Ventura County District Attorney

Special Prosecutions Division

5720 Ralston Street, #300

Ventura, CA 93003


to tjsalo #1064543

Yes stole from me my email dannyvalentine84@hotmail.co.uk discusting day light robbery

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