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Erik Porter - Director of Business Development, Jan. 2011 to present. Formerly with U.S. Bank in the Business Equipment Finance Group Division for 7 years.

Lee Ladd was the former CEO of Ladco until 2010. He is now supposedly making an honest living in Texas - sadly enough STILL in the finance business.

http://LADCO.com domain information: Registrar - NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC (URL http://www.networksolu...) updated Oct. 14, 2011, Expires Dec. 13, 2012. DNS Servers: DNS4.ELAVON.NET, DNS5.ELAVON.NET, DNS6.ELAVON.NET.

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i had a small business and it never got off the ground after 6 months i was going to close the store and after telling ladco i no longer needed the pos system which i never even used they told me they needed 4800dollars right away or they would sue me for 10000 i was shocked. How if my business was closing would i have that kind of money.

I told them i need to send the pos back and they said its only worth around 300 dollars.

I told them I didnt have the money and they stoped calling all of a sudden 3 years later a collection agency calls me saying they want 11,000 dollars this is all a big scam they want you to think they went away so they can sue you. Im in canada alberta any help would be appreciated.


Ladco was a competent scam organization. Well executed, well hidden and well connected with its partners like Entrust Bankcard, Rhett Doolittle and Nathan Reis.

The fraud might have gone on longer had not Ladco taken the dubious action of moving against those small companies it had already scammed, by attempting to harm their credit ratings. Small business said NO. Enough is enough. Scam us once, maybe.

Twice and we will *** back. Good riddance, Ladco and all those like you.


Elavon and Ladco leasing use the most predatory banking practices I've ever seen and I'm going to do something about it.


I got scammed to they are in Missouri now I have been talking to them for weeks and they are the worst I have ever seen how can the get away with this :(


LADCO has reached an agreement with the Ventura County District Attorney's office to temporarily stop all collection activities. Our case with LADCO has been dismissed.

I do not have information as to future steps that the District Attorney is taking against LADCO. You can fill out a questionnaire by contacting christine.mitchell@ventura.org or call her.

She is very helpful. Perhaps this will finally put an end to LADCO.


Stay away- US Bank, Ladco and Elavon all a big scamm!


stay away from Ladco, US bank, and Elavon!

Deny Deny Deny! Or my favorite I do not work for them!


Ladco, is dishonest.. we were screwed by them and the U.S Bank for sending them to us.. this maybe go to court


They also hold u lease and wont let go of it they are suppose to close lease but continue to make u pay they are dihonest and u cant talk to anyone in the company except a person who reads from a script


If your documents have LADCO or Northern Leasing on them...you are paying too much for the terminal...period. These companies operate under a scheme of plausible deniability.

Their network of sales companies are all "marketing organizations" that will tell the client (usually a small business owner) any thing they want to hear. Once they get that signature on that lease they basically go back on everything they said and refuse to move the lease. All of these companies know that these leases are sold under very dubious circumstances.

They all seem very versed on where the line is when it comes to the law. Someone needs to do something about these companies.

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