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This company did the same thing to me as I have seen posted on here. They promised a 30 day trial, but when I tried to cancel in the 30 days, I found out I was stuck.

I have had collection agencies call and threaten me and now I have an attorney threatening to sue me for $6100 for a 2 year lease which should cost me no more than $2000 for what I was paying monthly for!

I am going to fight and would welcome anyone who wants to fight with me. I'm sick of companies trying to *** people out of their hard earned money.

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I am getting ready to close my business and need to get out of this *** ladco lease. It sounds like its going to be a pain.

I agree tho...Im so sick of companies taking obscene fees on small business.


A class action would be fantastic. As a matter of fact, I've counted 5 or 6 that are building against LADCO as we speak.

I, personally, have no problem with facing them head-on in court.

The victimization they inflict on small businesses WILL stop. And it will start with the thousands of us who have become prey to their greed and unethical business practices.

Dig in your heals and continue your fight. Their day of reckoning is closing in.


Me too i am not a lawer but i know if you contact trans,equ and exp you can dispute any negitave marks on your report. then ladco would have to send proof of debit or it gets removed from your report!

but be carful and send everything certified mail. ex ladco employee claims ladco is owned by same person that owens equifax!


Please contact me at or 847 208 5691. We are in the group of 20 people who are the victim of Ladco / Azura and Paradigm Direct. We looking for more victims so we can discuss about the class action lawsuit


I was also suckered into LADCO's scam. After returning the non-working equipment they sent I honored their contract and paid what was owed.

A year later I received a letter that I owed another $1600. I was able to send receipts showing that the account was paid. However, due to misc. fees (What fees??) I still owed $527.

I paid this in three installments. When the last installment was due they informed me that they were going to sue me and refuse my last payment installment. I hired an attorney and the matter was settled, or so I thought.

I recently noticed a negative mark on my credit report from LADCO even though the account was paid. Stay away from this company.

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